Tuesday :: $5 Cocktails

Kick off your week the right way at The Republic. Enjoy best-in-class drinks that won't hurt your wallet: all drink cocktails are just $5.

Music: Hip-Hop and R&B

Hours: 6 PM - 2 AM

Wednesday :: ½ off all wines

Meet up with your friends for a hump day retreat. Have a couple of cocktails and enjoy your favorite sporting events.

Music: Lounge / Chillout

Hours: 7 PM - 2 AM

Friday :: The Urban Hang Suite

The Friday night party - mixer, guest DJs each and every week specializing in the best in Hip Hop/R&B/Old School Classics!

Music: Hip-Hop, R&B, & Ol Skool

Hours: 6 PM - 2 AM

Saturday :: The United Nations - International Party

All roads lead to The Republic on Saturday night! Join us for Durham's most inspired international party.

Music: International/House/Chillout

Hours: 6 PM - 2 AM